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January Review

January Review

tripletsJanuary: Normally a month of hibernation and recovery. I typically don’t do much in a normal January since I am normally recovering from the Disney Marathon Weekend. This year was much different.

This January, I completed 348 miles of running and biking (mostly biking). In 2012, I did 144 miles, and in 2011 I did 46 miles. That wasn’t a lot.

Most of the miles I got in this month were from the Tour of Sufferlandria indoor cycling challenge (stunt). I was also blessed by some really nice weather that allowed me to get some real cycling in, since riding the bike is really what boosts the mileage.

I was able to start building my mileage up in preparation for some hard marathon training this spring and summer. I’m only doing 15-18 miles a week, but I began building to 7- or 8-mile long runs. That puts me in great shape with 12 weeks until my first “A” race of the year.

My overall goal for 2013 is 3,650 miles of swimming, biking, and running. I needed 310 in January and I did 348. Good start.

I joined the “10 in 10 Challenge” on January 7th, which is to lose 10 pounds in the first 10 weeks of 2013. January had three Monday morning weigh-ins. I lost just shy of 5 pounds in those three weeks. This weekend is Super Bowl weekend, so I’m hoping to hold on to that after what is sure to be a tough weekend of food.

I even got a podcast out.

All in all, a great month. Got the potential problems with my ticker resolved, started losing the holiday weight, and put in some solid miles.

Run long friends. Let’s get on to a great February!

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